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As an intern for Inca Link we are asked to make five goals for our self and I was struggling to come up with some; I had this thought that God had put in my head that I could not let go of.  It was that I should live and work in the garage dump.  So I wrote it down thinking that it might happen sometime during my time here in Peru, but it just so happened that it all worked out that I was going to go at the end of the week to work along side this guy named Chichi. The following is my journal.


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Thursday 9:16 am (Day #2)
June 10, 2010

When I arrived I thought that I would be staying at that little stone thing but man was I wrong.  I ended up getting dropped off there but ChiChi ended up picking me up in the white car and taking me back to his house.  It was a very nice house with his wife and 3 daughters.  Apon entering there was a personal moto taxi bike, inside was electricity with running water, beds, rooms, full kitchen, tv's, and a computer with the internet.  So they gave me a room and told me to take a nap.  Inside there was tv, dresser, and a bed with mattress, box spring, and headboard.  So I went in and laid down and took a nap till 6:45 when Chichi woke me for dinner.  Which was cut up hot dogs, rice, fries, and some egg circle thing.  It was a large meal and very good.  Then we ended up getting ready to go to the dump.  We ended up taking the moto taxi but before we left he recommended that I wear another sweatshirt so he gave me a hunting orange turtle neck sweater to wear under my sweatshirt.  Which I was very thankful for later. 

Thought- I am very embarrassed that they were trying to give me their clothes to wear to the dump because they thought I brought my good clothes.  At this point I am very confused about living in the garbage dump after seeing this house with all of the amenities and the meal that we just received.  But thankful about all of the wonderful accommodations and the openness and willingness of this awesome family. 

So we ride on the moto to the gas station and fill up.  We take all back roads to Chichi's place at the dump.  There are no lights on this moto and there are not any street lights.  It is amazing Chichi knows every bump and turn to take in the middle of no wear.  There are not any buildings to turn at or anything.  So we arrive at Chichi's dump house put the moto inside fence and then go over to his rec pile around side and gather the bags and things to tie it up with.  Then we end up going up and sleeping in brick shack.  It is 8 o'clock.  Kind of wish that I didn't take that nap but go up and lay down.  I get the mattress and Chichi sleeps on a piece of foam and we each get a blanket.  He falls right asleep.  I don't.  It is very windy and all you hear is the metal roof creaking and clanking.  Then his brother (27) showes up and sleeps up there with us. I eventually fall asleep a little.  Then it is time to wake up.  So we push the taxi's out of the gate and start heading to the dump.  It is very eerie because it is very dark, but if you look off to the right you can see the city light up the sky.  The mountain tops you can't see  because the clouds and smog are low.  So we go right through no questions asked.  It is very quit , windy , and chilly.  So we go in and then I see a whole bunch of people In there with head lamps on.  So we park by a massive pile of trash and everyone seems to be gathered around this pile of trash and there are also people digging through some and then people are just laying around it taking naps.  So we park and we just sit there for a wile.  Not sure why we are, so we just wait.  Then a trash truck   pulls up and then everyone jumps into action and we follow the truck to the dumping point along with everyone else.  A swarm of bees.  Chichi seems to stand by the drivers door and waits till they pull forward then pulls out the last but of trash.  Then he has me guard the pile that he pulls to the side wile he leaves and then comes back with bags and bags made into mini tarp squares.  He lays them out.  We start going through the trash looking for recycling and any food that he can find to feed the pigs with.  So we open every bag and go through it pretty throughly.  Finding everything from shoes, shirts, pens, notebooks, to diapers, needles, syringes, medical supplies, glass, cell phones, books, newspaper, and used toilet paper.  There is everything imaginable in there.  You also open every bag.  Chichi is very quick and through and very good at it.  So we get through our pile and wrap up the food bag and recycling tarp and take it back to the moto taxi.  Then sit and wait again.  It's about 3:00am and another trash truck comes and we go and do the same thing.  Wile going through this one it is about 3:30am and then trucks start pouring in and Chichi leaves me and goes to every truck but then returns back to me.  Not to sure what that is all about.  Wile he is gone there are time when I look up and just watch the other people.  I am in amazement because they are doing ti with out gloves and my gloves are soaked with juices from the trash.  There is also a terrible smell in the air and smoke and smog that is in the air from the fires that are burning in the dump.  So Chichi and I finish up this pile and then move to another truck and do the same thing.

Thought- It is awesome to see the camaraderie and joking between the guys and the ladies that are there.  They are laughing and seem to be having a wonderful time. 

So we finish that spot up and I am told to watch the pickings wile Chichi goes and gets the moto so  we can load it up.  Then we load it up and then some more trucks come and he has me watch the moto.  Then he comes back and we take the moto back to their spot.  Then we sit and wait again but this time I sit till morning.  Chichi gets up a couple of times for more trucks but comes back with his pick on a stick and nothing else.  I am not sure if we have all we need or what.  Chichi's brother has a foam pad that he puts on the trash and takes a nap.  Then someone yells for Chichi and he took the moto , not really sure why he does, but he goes then he comes back with some bags of feed.  I am very confused not really sure how all of that is working out.  So we just sit and wait in the very cold but no more trucks come.  It is starting to get light out.  We keep on waiting until about 6:30am/7 ish then Chichi says jump in we take the gatherings for the night back to the brick hut.  Cold ride back and forth.  We have to make 2 trips. 

Thought- One thing I did notice that broke my heart was that wile digging through Chichi found some batteries for his head lamp and he put them in his cargo pocket.  To test them later and the excitement on his face when there were some good ones I will never forget.  Only to find out later that his brother also picked out some little bathing glass bottle sample kit that he kept for himself.  Some of the batteries that he found ended up in the headlamp that I was using of Jordan's.

When we get back from the second trip we take the feed and spread it around 2 empty pig pens.  Also take the recycling to the recycling pile.  Then we release the pigs and they run to the 2 feeding pens and we gate them in.  Then we gather around and just wait.  I am not sure for what.  Then his oldest daughter shows up with breakfast.  Some kind of meat on a roll with a cinnamon sugar warn like coffee drink.  Very good.  Then they end up leaving and we are waiting again.  Then Chichi leaves me and his brother wile he goes back into the dump.  His Brother told me that he will be there till 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  Then his brother and I un cage the pigs from the feeding cage and let them get some water.  Then we have to heard them from the water to their cages.Then we tie their gates shut and we are going to go back to Chichi's for some rest but on the way back his brother lets me drive the moto until I start drifting off the way right side.  Not really sure what happened because I was steering left but it kept going right.  So we switch to where he drives and we go back to Chichi's house.  They let me shower even thought all they have in cold water but it was nice to just rinse off.

Thought- On the first not quite 24 hours- Sitting here now I am still very confused about living and working in the dump.  I do feel that this is a very dirty and disturbing job and is the worst job ever.  Everyone their has a smile on their face like it is the best and joking and having great laughs with each other.  I feel really guilty with my thoughts leading up to when I saw Chichi and his brother with the batteries and the soap stuff because my thoughts leading up were that the dump is only their job at night because of them having a real house because of them having a real house and the batteries and soap and also Chichi going back into the dump until 3 this afternoon.  There were some pretty young boys there (teens).  There were not any water breaks or smoke breaks and I was the only one there with a water bottle.  Going to lye down and think and pray it is 10:53am now and going wake up and read the Bible and hopefully do another little journal before I leave again tonight.


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