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As an intern for Inca Link we are asked to make five goals for our self and I was struggling to come up with some; I had this thought that God had put in my head that I could not let go of.  It was that I should live and work in the garage dump.  So I wrote it down thinking that it might happen sometime during my time here in Peru, but it just so happened that it all worked out that I was going to go at the end of the week to work along side this guy named Chichi. The following is my journal.


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Friday 10:14am (Day #3)
June 11, 2010

I haven't wrote since last evening.  So I did much better that the first night because I didn't sleep before dinner.  I just laid down.  So dinner was at 7ish and we had fried chicken, fries, rice, and some mini bean things.  It was really good.  So from there I put the same clothes what have the smell of the dump to them.  So we leave the house tonight, it is Chichi, his mom, and myself.  On the moto there we stop for gas and it is dark and still can't believe that Chichi knows the reads like the back of his hand being able to navigate them with out any street lights and no lights on his moto.  I am also playing that tonight God will give me his eye's and see it in a different perspective.  So we arrive at the farm and gather all the sacs and the bags for gathering the recycling and the pig food and also the 2 pronged sticks.  Then up in the second floor of the bed house Chichi points out these 2 spiders hanging out side the window and they are fighting.  Then proceeds to tell me that they are biting spiders.  Then I think to myself oh great more bites and bumps.  Then we go to bed about 8:30ish.  The roof still shuttering in the wind but I fall right asleep only waking 2 times.  Then it is 12:30am and Chichi wakes me  that it is time to go.  So we push his and his brothers moto's outside the gate and load them up with the supplies.  Then we head down the road beside the wall down to the front gate and then enter the dump and go to the spot where we will hang out for the night.  On the ride in all I can think about is that this is this guys job and lively hood and it really his me hard.  So we go to our spot and park and I look around and there is only about ¼ of the people that were there last night.  But that number grows through the night.  So we sit and wait for the first trash truck.  A wile later it shows up.  So we get ready and walk to it and Chichi waits by the drivers door until he pulls forward and then goes to the back and picks out what was loaded into the trash truck first.  It seems to be some sort of respect thing that he does because no one seems to mess with him.  They all have respect for him.  Still trying to find out the whole reason why.  So we get to dividing it into the same things as last night. Then we finish that and then go back to the moto and sit for the next truck and that isn't much after we sit down that another truck comes and we go and do the same thing for that one.  At almost the end of having all our bag and tarp filled I look up like I do many of times and see what is going on around me but this time there is a man that I see that has found this piece of chicken with the skin still on it.  I just watched him peel the skin off and take several large bites of that piece of chicken that he found wile rummaging through the trash.  Wile watching that I fight back tears because I have this fresh and 100% packaged /sanitary snack back at the moto.  So That though stuck in my head for a wile.  Which will be then added to her later.  So we finished that up and then go back to the moto and wait for the next truck.  Which is a wile away.  So when it does come we jump up and go for it.  Chichi and the others unload it and then Chichi turns to me and says no and we leave it.  Not sure why he did not do anything with it.  Then there are some more trucks and he does the same thing.  Then we go to the mot and wait.  Then for the next ruck he gets up and tells me to just stay and hang out.  Which I am not sure why but then 5 trucks show up and it is just kayos, because they are all pulling into a really tight area.  Wile watching the last one I noticed a guy climbing on top of the truck and me just wondering why.  Then I notice that there is bags of trash on top of the trash truck and the guy is just tossing then off.  Then there is another guy that rides the back open and wile it is in the air he knocks some stuck trash down.  During this time I notice how many women are actually here and rooting through and gathering things.  Also there are some nice motos, some rough ones, some mules pulling wooden pole cart with a car axle and tires, and some  people have those bicycle carts.  Then Chichi comes back and another truck comes  and we go to it but he says no again.  Then the next couple just dump it all out in on large pile and Chichi likes it when it pulls and makes another little pile.  So after some standing around we go to this one random pile and we start going through it.  During that time I notice a guy pick out a water bottle that has some water in it and he removes the cap and drinks it all.  That was again though for me to watch.  So we finish that up and then we just hang out wile it starts to get lighter out.  Then I take a seat on the moto and watch everyone have a good time together and play little jokes on each other.  Then we load up the motos and they have to make 2 trips so I ride on both trips.  We then unload and dump the recycling and then the pig food in the 2 feeding pens and release the pigs to go to the feeding pens and shut them in.  Then we sit down and have breakfast which his oldest daughter brought which was the same as the first morning.

Thought- In the dump there was this very young kid that was at the dump that had gathered a sac of feed and asked Chichi if he could get a ride back,  which Chichi did.  Then when we were spreading the feedd he picked up an apple that we had gotten out of the trash with some brown spots on and out it in his pocket.  So I ended up getting the one Cindy gave to me at lunch before I left and gave it to him right before breakfast.  After breakfast he ended eating the apple that I gave him and the rotten apple.

After breakfast Hosea, Chichi's brother, wants to learn some english so I help him with the word that I can translate and then numbers and then by just pointing at different things.  It was a good time.  Then one of his neighbors comes down with a chicken and they temp them so that they will fight and we watch that for a while.  Then Hosea leaves and heads back into the dump.  Chichi and I then put the pigs back in their pens and then we call it a day and head back to his house for this journal time/ brush teeth/ rinse off and take a little nap until lunch and then my family shows up.  (the other intern came to see the dump for the first time)  During my time I really saw it through God's eyes and it really changed my confusion about this whole thing.  Awesome to see how open and smiley everyone is.  It was also awesome to teach them the phrase thank you God in english.  Because they asked.  Also hearing Chichi say that the name of the dump translated is The miracle.

After walking through with the rest of the intern it is that Chichi sacrifices his all to provide for his family.


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