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As an intern for Inca Link we are asked to make five goals for our self and I was struggling to come up with some; I had this thought that God had put in my head that I could not let go of.  It was that I should live and work in the garage dump.  So I wrote it down thinking that it might happen sometime during my time here in Peru, but it just so happened that it all worked out that I was going to go at the end of the week to work along side this guy named Chichi. The following is my journal.


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Saturday 6:00pm (Day #4)
June 12, 2010

Well I have completed my goal.  I am still thinking a lot about what I have learned, seen, and the impact that this has had on me.  So I will go back to yesterday afternoon.  It was awesome that my fellow interns came and visited me and were able to see the dump.  It was very good to see them and to hear that they are worried about me and praying for me.  So after they left Chichi and his daughter and myself all went back to his house for some rest.  I ended up laying down and watching highlites from the world cup, thinking, and praying / spending time in the Word.  Then I got called for dinner which was a bowl of pasta with tuna mixed in.  I didn't even know that I liked tuna.  So we ended up doing some family photos since I though that that was going to be the last time I was going to see them.  So Chichi, his mom, and myself loaded up on the moto and heading to the shack.  Still amazed on the third time by Chichi knowing the way even without lights.  So we get there and gather all our sacs and tarps and picker sticks.  Then head to bed around 8:30pm.  I fall right asleep.  Then it is 12:30am and I wake up like four times but don't end up getting up until the last one.  The lack of sleep is starting to get to me.  So we push the motos outside the gate and start on our way into the dump.  On the way I am praying that the lack of sleep won't hinder me and that God will give me the strength to get through.  So we pull into our spot by the big pile of trash and park and wait for the first trash truck to come.  So it comes and we walk to the drivers door like we always do and then when it pulls forward Chichi goes to the back and picks the trash out.  Then he says no to the sorting it out and we go back to the moto.  So then we wait for for the next truck and we unload it and start sorting through it dividing the trash.  We finish dividing and then go over to another pile that Hosea started and finished it but during the time I spot several people eating out of the trash.  We end up with a bag and a half of feed.  So Chichi takes the half of bag and takes it to another person and he finishes it but then chichi gets the bag when it is full which confuses me very much because the whole time Chichi just leaves and comes back with a full feed bag or a full bag of recycling.  This has happened the whole tree days that I went.  So then we just go back to the moto and rest wile Chichi goes and brings back 2 more feed bags.  Then Chichi takes his moto over and brings back a tarp of recycling on the moto and then says that we are finished.  So then we load up the motos and make the 2 trips and take the things back to the hut/pig farm.  It is 5:30 and we unload the feed and recycling and spread the feed in the pens and then release the pigs to feed.  Then Loren showes up with breakfast (cinnamon drink and buttered bread) so we sit and eat wile we teach some spanish/english then just hang out.  Then put the pigs back in their pins and then we go back to Chichi's house.  We sit in front of the computer using google translator and he asks me to ask him some questions.  So I asked him if he grew up in the dump and he says yea he did grow up there.  Then I ask him about standing by the drivers side door and he says that he is the last one to the trash and that everyone is equal and that they all help each other and thats why he got bags that other people have filled.  That really hit the spot for me knowing that situation and they are willing to help each  other out.  Then I was glad that they did not come to pick me up until 12.  It was a very tough good bye and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet them and that they accepted me and looked out for me.  They said that I need to stay in touch and that we need to hike the three mountains.  So glad that this opportunity was available to me and that I took advantage of it.  I will never forget these new friends and these past 4 days.  God is great!


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